Rönne river at Klippan

Address: Rönne å vid Klippan Show map

Address: Rönne å vid Klippan

Fishing for perch, bream, pike, roach, salmon and brown trout. Methods permitted are spinning, fly fishing and live bait fishing, and ice fishing in the winter. The use of private boats is not permitted. The season runs from 1st April to 30th September.
Information: +46 (0)737-32 39 25 (Roland Åkesson).
Permits available from: Varuhallen Hobby Ängelholm, +46 (0)431-143 32; Sportfiskedepån, Helsingborg, +46 (0)42-24 21 10; Bilisten, Storgatan, Klippan, +46 (0)435-102 96; Klippan Tourist Office, +46 (0)435-282 00.

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