Fishing in Odensjön lake

Address: Nackarpsdalen, 26868 Röstånga Date: Wednesday 1 feb 2017 - Thursday 30 Nov 2017 Show map

Address: Nackarpsdalen, 26868 Röstånga

Mythical Odensjön lake in Röstånga offers scenic surroundings for fishing.

The southern entrance to Söderåsen National Park is at Röstånga. Follow the path for about 1 km through Nackarpsdalen valley until you get to Odensjön lake, a circular lake about 20 metres deep surrounded by tall scree slopes. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic, or why not use our barbecue facilities? Both fishing and swimming are permitted. Röstånga Byalag owns the fishing rights to Odensjön lake and manages fishing activity with the help of volunteers from the village. Maintaining good order is paramount and they insist that visitors adhere to both the rules advertised on site and the National Park regulations. Fishing permits for Odensjön lake can be purchased at ICA Nära and Röstånga Tourist Office. A day permit costs SEK 100. Only spinning and fly fishing are permitted – live bait fishing is not permitted. The permit entitles you to land 2 game fish (rainbow trout). There are no children’s permits. Children fishing with their own rod must have their own permit. Fish available: pike, perch, roach and tench all live naturally in the lake and rainbow trout are regularly introduced. Please note that fishing of any kind requires a permit.

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